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Brief Description: Sculptor/Installation Artist and Papermaker Jane Ingram Allen will present either a 1-day or 5-day visual arts program on installation art and papermaking. The 1-day program will include a site-specific installation of Jane's work and interactive presentations by the artist to school classes. The 5-day program includes an extended exhibition of Jane's work, presentations to classes in the installation and a residency with papermaking workshops to create a collaborative installation artwork with students. The student-made artwork would be installed in the school and left on permanent display. Jane's programs are listed in the New York State BOCES arts in education directory and approved for BOCES funding. Jane is also working with the Capital Region Center for Arts in Education and offering installation art programs in the schools through this aesthetic education institute during 2002-2003. For more information about these programs contact the Capital Region Center for Arts in Education,University at Albany, Dutch Quad, Ten Broeck 107, Albany, NY 12222, 518-442-4240, e mail cracaie@albany.edu

About the Artist: Jane Ingram Allen has created handmade paper sculpture installations for exhibition in a New York City subway station, along a public highway on an abandoned barn, in downtown storefront windows, in parks, plazas and public buildings as well as in numerous galleries and museums. Jane is also an experienced teacher having taught art in public schools and colleges for over 25 years and with the Arts in Education Institute in Utica, NY, 1987-2001. During the 1999-2000 school year she was a presenting artist in Utica and Rochester public schools. During 2000-2001 she presented her programs on Installation Art at over 14 schools in the Binghamton area through the Southern Tier Institute for Arts in Education. Jane continues to focus on creating art installations in public spaces and making art a part of people's everyday lives. In 2003-04 she received a Fulbright Scholar Award to be an artist in residence in Taiwan and has explored papermaking art with plants of Taiwan since January 2004. 

Curriculum Connections: Jane's artwork can be used with many areas of the school curriculum in the arts, sciences and social studies. Jane will work with teachers to design the program to complement and enhance classroom teaching. Some possible art curriculum connections include introducing students to the concepts of installation art, design of space and working with multiple units; exploring the possibilities of materials, making two-dimensional elements become three-dimensional and using color, texture, line and shape in art. Some possible science curriculum connections include study of recycling and environmental science issues through hand papermaking, nature study through the use of animal and bird imagery and study of science principles involved in papermaking. Some possible social studies curriculum connections include study of other cultures such as Japan and the importance of paper in everyday life, the concepts and uses of maps in society and historical and cultural influences.

Space Needs: Installation site for Jane's art work - lobby, auditorium, library, cafeteria or other public space in the school with about 10' x 12' or more of clear floor space and a ceiling height of 8' -12' with a ceiling tile grid preferred. The school will also need to supply a sturdy ladder to reach the ceiling and one person to help with unloading, installation, de-installation and re-loading. For the 5-day residency program a papermaking workshop area will also be needed. This can be a classroom, part of a classroom or other space large enough for seating approximately 25 students with access to water (sink and hose hook up is preferred) and electricity. Three or four 6-foot tables are also needed plus chairs for the students.

Materials: Jane will bring all necessary materials to install her art work in the school and will provide her own insurance for the art work on display in the school. Jane will also bring her portable papermaking studio equipment and materials to the school for the 5-day program (papermaking workshops and residency). Materials are included in the fee. For the 5-day program, the school may need to furnish some additional materials to be decided after the project is designed for each school.

Recommended Grade Levels: K - 12

Cost to Schools: 1-day exhibition and workshop - $500 (includes materials and equipment) 5-day exhibition and residency - $2000 (includes materials and equipment) Longer residencies can also be arranged.  The artist will require travel and accommodations during an extended residency.

Dates Available: To be arranged.

For More Information:
Jane Ingram Allen
1 1 Oxford Road, Troy, NY 12180 USA or 185 Shian Dai Rd., #2, Dali City, Taichung County, Taiwan (through July 2006)



Jane offers arts in education programs in the schools on installation art and papermaking. In addition to working with Arts in Education Institutes in Albany, NY; Syracuse, NY; and Palm Desert, CA, in 2003-04, Jane is also available for residencies and special projects in other school districts. Jane is listed as an approved artist in the New York state schools through BOCES Arts in Education Enrichment Programs. See the website at http://artsineddirectory.org

Capital Region Center for Arts in Education, Albany, NY

During the 2003-04 school year Jane is working with the Capital Region Center for Arts in Education, Albany, NY, as a presenting visual artist. This program with CRC features Jane's new installation "Of Time and the River" which includes multiple maps of the Hudson River and cast tree forms in a site specific installation at the school along with interactive presentations to students in the exhibition space. For more information and to register for a presentation in your school, call the Center at 518-442-4240 or e mail to crcaie@albany.edu

students looking through map

McCallum Theatre Institute Aesthetic Education Institute, Palm Desert, CA

During the 2003-04 school year Jane worked with the McCallum Theatre Institute in Palm Desert, CA to present her installation "Different Views" which consists of multiple global maps each with a different part of the world as the center. Jane's presentations in the schools include a site specific installation of this work and interactive presentations to classrooms in the installation as well as papermaking and installation art workshops for the students to create their own handmade paper installation art. Visit the website at www.mccallumtheatre.com for more information about this Institute's programs.

Central New York Institute for Arts in Education, Syracuse, NY

Students under birdsDuring the 2003-04 school year Jane worked with the CNY Institute to present "Bird Watching" as a site specific installation in the schools and made interactive presentations to the students in the installation. The Syracuse Institute is emphasizing this year works of art that use humor and the element of surprise. For more information about this Institute and Jane's programs, contact Marsha Wheeler, CNY Institute for Arts in Education Coordination by email at mwheeler@oswegoboces.org





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