Jane Ingram Allen

4 The Birds (Bird Watching 4)

Kirkland Art Center

Bird Watching 4 was my first indoor Bird Watching installation. This was a collaborative piece consisting of my installation art and a jazz music performance of original bird-inspired jazz by my son Chris Allen and his Boston-based band Central Artery project. This event took place at the Kirkland Art Center on Saturday, May 2, 1998. The approximately 60 birds birds were suspended from the ceiling with springs, and several chickens and a rooster were placed about the stage area. One hen acted as a music holder for the trumpeter in the band. The band also wore "bird hats" made by me for the performance. The audience was invited to join in the performance by pulling on the springs to make the flying birds move with the music.

Central Artery Project with Bird Hats Central Artery Project

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