Jane Ingram Allen

Arts in Education Projects in Rochester, NY - May 2000

Jane presented programs about her work with installation art and hand papermaking in Rochester area schools as part of the programs offered in the schools by the Aesthetic Education Institute, Rochester, NY.  Jane installed a piece of her work at a selected site in each school and interacted with groups of students during a one-day residency at each participating school.

 Jane installed her work "In the Clouds" at Churchville Elementary School, Churchville, NY.

At Hill School, Brockport, NY, Jane installed her "Map Room" installation of multiple map forms created with handmade paper, string and acrylic paints.  Jane's work was installed in the school library, and students from Ginther School and Barclay School also came to see the work.  Jane made presentations about her work to many classes during the three days she was in the Brockport schools.  Jane also conducted papermaking workshops with students in Ginther and Barclay schools in Brockport, NY.  


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