For the Birds Too

k-band.JPG (31695 bytes)"For the Birds Too" -  an installation in Albany, NY

Jane's exhibition of "flying" bird sculptures opened at the Rathbone Gallery, The Sage Colleges, 140 New Scotland Avenue, Albany, New York, on October 8, 1998.  The opening reception featured a special jazz performance of bird-inspired music composed by her son Chris Allen as a collaborative work to go with the installation.   The music was performed in the gallery installation by Chris and his Boston-based jazz band  Central Artery Project. band3.JPG (75675 bytes)

birdgroup1.JPG (67249 bytes)Jane's installation consists of  60 flying bird sculptures  made of painted handmade paper over wire armatures   suspended from the gallery ceiling with springs.  These birds invite viewer participation to get them "flying."  The installation also contains some of Jane's sitting birds and several large chickens as well as a parrot that "flys" across the gallery.   Jane's installation in the Rathbone Gallery at The Sage Colleges has been extended through November 10, 1998. 

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