Workshops by Jane Ingram Allen
Sculptor/Installation Artist


"Papermaking with Plants - Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow" - Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, Nevada - July 9-13, 2007

Jane taught a 5-day intensive workshop on papermaking art using local plants and equipment that can be found anywhere. Students learned the whole process from what plants to pick, to cooking, beating, sheet forming in Western and Asian methods and creating art with the handmade paper. For complete details see the website at


making paper"Papermaking with Plants" - Brookfield Crafts Center, Brookfield, CT, Saturday and Sunday, June 16-17, 9AM-4PM each day

Jane taught a class on papermaking with local plants at the Brookfield Crafts Center on Saturday and Sunday, June 14-15, 2007. Students learned the whole process of how to make their own unique paper from ordinary plants and using household equipment. Janel shared some of her experiences in making paper with plants from around the world.

For more information on the class, visit the website at



"Papermaking with Plants" Massachusetts Audubon Visual Arts Center, Canton, MA, June 23-24, 2007, 9AM-4PM each day

During this two-day workshop in conjunction with Jane's artists in residency at the VAC, Jane taught participants how to make unique paper from local plants going through the whole process from gathering materials, cooking it, beating it and forming sheets using Western and Asian methods. Workshop participants also got involved in creating a collaborative multi-part installation on the grounds of the VAC.

For more information on workshops at the Visual Arts Center go to this link at



"Creative Papermaking" Workshop,Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, NV, June 16-20, 2003.
Jane is returning to Sierra Nevada College on beautiful Lake Tahoe again this summer to teach a one-week papermaking workshop for artists and art students. The workshop will cover basic and advanced papermaking for two and three-dimensional work and will feature innovative techniques Jane has developed from her experiences as an artist in residence at an environmental center, a national park, and in Japan, the Philippines, Nepal and Brazil. For more information and to register for the workshop contact Sheri Leigh, Summer Workshops Director & Assistant Professor, Sierra Nevada College, 800-332-8666 or e mail to Visit the website at


Papermaking and Installation Art Workshop, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA - April 19-20, 2002

Jane taught a two-day workshop titled "Paper in Public- Handmade Paper for Sculpture and Installation Art" for art students at Humboldt State University. The workshop April 19-20 covered how to make paper from plant fibers and use the paper to create sculpture and installation artworks. Students designed and created a collaborative installation during the workshop with each participant making a unique part of the whole. For more information about the workshop, ontact JoAnne Berke, HSU Faculty, Art Dept. Arcata, CA 95570, phone 707-826-3630.

Jane also taught a special one-day workshop in Eureka, CA, for artists in the community on Sunday, April 21. This workshop was held at Humboldt State University in the art department and included career information for artists on proposal writing and other opportunities as well as papermaking for sculpture and installation art. For more information about this workshop, contact Lori Goodman at her e mail address -

Artist Lecture and Papermaking Workshop, Tyler University, Philadelphia, PA - October 8, October 15-16, 2001

Jane will give a slide lecture about her work for art students at Tyler University on October 8. This lecture is in conjunction with Jane's residency during the month of October at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education in Philadelphia. Jane's lecture will include information about the environmental art projects and nature-related works she is doing during the residency as well as highlights of her career. Tyler students will also be coming to the Schuylkill Center on October 15 and 16 for a papermaking workshop with Jane. Students will learn papermaking techniques and about creating environmental and public art works with handmade paper.

August 6 - 10, - Paper in Public - Hand Papermaking for Sculpture/Installation Art in Public Spaces

Jane taught a one-week collaborative workshop at Sierra Nevada College on Lake Tahoe. The workshop focused on using handmade paper for sculpture and installation art in public spaces. During the workshop participants designed and created a collaborative public art work with handmade paper, string and other natural materials. The installation focused on the issue of water quality and was partially inspired by the many signs in the area saying "Keep Lake Tahoe Blue." The site chosen by workshop participants was a bridge over a stream near the art classrooms. The bridge was a metal gridded structure that provided a clear view of the stream and banks below. The installation was designed to be seen from above as well as below the bridge. It featured 5 paper bridges spanning the fast-moving water, paper covered stones and many water elements in blue and white pulp hanging underneath the bridge. During the opening reception for the installation on Friday afternoon, small paper boats were launched in the fast-moving stream. The installation is designed to change over time and, being all bio-degradable materials, will eventually disappear as the materials return to the earth.

July 14-15, 2001 - Japanese Papermaking and Mixed Media Constructions, Rome Art & Community Center, Rome, NY.

During this workshop Jane taught participants how to make paper with kozo fibers using Japanese techniques. The artist participants were able to produce very thin, yet strong sheets to use in mixed media works. Participants created transparent collage mixed media constructions with their finished sheets. Akiko Furuta, Jane's friend visiting from Mino City, Japan, brought many samples of handmade paper from Mino City to share with the workshop participants. Jane was an artist in residence for three months in 1999 at the Mino Paper Art Village Project where she studiend Japanese papermaking techniques. For more information about Jane's residency in Japan, click here

2000-01 ARTS IN EDUCATION ACTIVITIES Southern Tier Institute for Arts in Education, Binghamton, NY

Jane is working with the Southern Tier Institute for Arts in Education to bring her installation art to Binghamton area schools during 2000-2001. Jane installs her work at a selected public site in the school and leads the students in interactive activities and talks with them about her work. Jane will be installing her art work during the Spring 2001 semester at the following schools:

Feb. 1, 2001, Greene Intermediate School, Greene, NY. (Maps Installation)
Feb. 2, 2001, Greene Primary School, Greene, NY. (Bird Watching Installation) These photos show students at Greene Primary School viewing Jane's installation. For more photos, click here.
Feb. 22, 2001, Roosevelt Elementary School, Binghamton, NY. (Bird Watching Installation)
Feb. 23, 2001, Binghamton High School, Binghamton, NY. (Maps Installation)
March 15, 2001, East Middle School, Binghamton, NY. (Maps Installation)
March 23, 2001, Jefferson Elementary School, Binghamton, NY. (Maps Installation)

May 3, 2001, Apalachin Elementary, Owego, NY. (Bird Watching Installation)
Jane created a "Bird Watching" installation in the school courtyard garden at Apalachin Elementary in Owego, NY. The installation contained multiple sculptures of birds common to the area, some perching and some flying. The birds are made of painted handmade paper over a wire armature with a polyurethane coating. The site-specific installation at the school also included a nest complete with baby blue birds. The children in the STI Arts in Education program visited with Jane in the installation, learning about installation art and interacting with the exhibition. "Bird Watching" remained on view at the school through May 11."

During the Fall 2000 sememster Jane worked with the Southern Tier Institute for Arts in Education to bring her installation art to the following Binghamton area schools:

Oct. 17, 2000 - AG McGuinness Intermediate School, Endicott, NY - "Maps" installation
Oct. 24, 2000 - JF Snapp Elementary School, Endicott, NY - "Maps" installation
Oct. 26, 2000 - Mann Elementary School, Binghamton, NY - "Maps" installation
Oct. 27, 2000 - G. F. Johnson Elementary School, Endicott, NY - "Clouds" installation
Nov. 2, 2000 - Wilson Elementary, Binghamton, NY - "Maps" installation
Nov. 7, 2000 - Franklin Elementary, Binghamton, NY - "Maps" installation
Nov. 9, 2000 - Owego Free Academy (high School), Owego, NY - "Clouds" installation

Oneida-Madison Art Teachers, Oneida High School, Oneida, NY, October 6, 2000, "Handmade Paper in the Art Classroom."

For this one day hands-on workshop the art teachers had a chance to make paper from abaca and kozo fibers using both Western and Japanese techniques.


Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA - July 18-21, 2000,  Japanese Paper"

As part of the Virginia Museum's annual Teacher Institute which this year is focused on Japan, Jane taught workshops in Japanese papermaking for over 100 teachers from throughout the state of Virginia.  The workshops were held at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond.  For more information about the Museum and the Teacher Institute, visit their website at

Here are two photographs taken at Jane's Virginia Museum workshop on Japanese Papermaking showing the teachers making paper with kozo and other fibers using some modified Japanese techniques.



Arts in Education Activities, Aesthetic Education Institute, Rochester, NY - 1999-2000

Jane presented her installation art and conducted papermaking workshops in Rochester area schools during the month of May as part of the Aesthetic Education Institute's program of bringing artists into the schools. 

Children's School, Rochester, NY

On May 4, 2000, Jane visited the Children's School of Rochester where she installed her work "In the Clouds" and also some bird sculptures in the school library.  Many classes visited the installation, and Jane talked with the children about her work and ideas.  For more photos of the presentation at the Children's School in Rochester, click here.

Churchville Elementary School, Churchville, NY

On May 23 Jane installed her work "In the Clouds" at Churchville Elementary School, Churchville, NY.  During this presentation Jane held informal question and answer sessions with the children and talked about her work as an artist.  For photos of Jane's work in the Churchville schools, click here.

Hill School, Ginther School, and Barclay School, Brockport, NY.  

On May 24 Jane installed her work "The Map Room" at Hill School in Brockport, NY, and interacted with the children in the installation.  On May 25 she taught papermaking workshops at Ginther School in Brockport, and on May 26 she presented papermaking workshops at Barclay School in Brockport.  For photos of Jane's work in the Brockport schools, click here.

Arts in Education Activities, Arts in Education Institute, Utica, NY, January - June, 2000 

Jane presentedpapermaking workshops and exhibed her installation work using handmade paper in Utica area public schools during the Spring 2000 semester.  Jane works with students to create a collaborative site specific installation art work using handmade paper made by the children during the workshops.  

Clinton Schools, Clinton, NY

Jane's schedule included a week-long residency/exhibition at Clinton Elementary and Middle School, Clinton, NY, beginning January 10, 2000.  At Clinton School Jane exhibited her installations "The Map Room" and "Ganglia."  The 5th grade students at Clinton Elementary made an installation on the theme of scientific elements called "Web of Molecules." The 6th grade students at Clinton School working with Jane created an installation work with handmade paper and other materials on the theme of Egypt and the Middle East called "Piece of the Middle East". 

Remington Elementary School, Ilion, NY

Jane also did a week-long residency with a workshop and exhibition of her work at Remington Elementary School, Ilion, NY, in January 2000.  At Remington School Jane exhibited her work "In the Clouds."   During this residency Jane worked with the children to make paper and create an installation in the school on the theme of outer space. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, Utica, NY

In May 2000 Jane did a papermaking and installation art project at King School, Utica, NY.   The theme of the children's installation was "The Rainforest", and the children's installation with hundreds of handmade paper leaves, insects, flowers, snakes and birds was installed in the school's front foyer.  Jane also exhibited her installation "Bird Watching" at the school and talked with classes about her work as an artist.  For photos of the installation at King School made during Jane's residency, click here.  

Jane has also presented  workshops in papermaking and installation art at the following schools through the Arts in Education Institute of the Central New York Community Arts Council:

West Winfield Elementary School, West Winfield, NY
Jefferson Elementary School, Utica, NY
Reese Road Elementary School, Frankfort, NY (for photos, click here
West Frankfort Elementary School, Frankfort, NY (for photos, click here)
Barringer Road Elementary School, Ilion, NY  

July 26-30, 1999 -- "Handmade Paper for Sculpture and Installation Art, Women's Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY.  This 5-day workshop included learning to use handmade paper for sculpture and installation art and creating a collaborative outdoor sculpture installation with handmade paper contributed by each of the participants.  Casting, pouring, vacuum table and other more unorthodox papermaking techniques were explored.  

July 21-22, 1999 -- "Paper Casting on the Beach" at Martha's Vineyard.   Jane taught for the second summer at  Seastone Papers on Martha's Vineyard.   The two-day workshop covered cover casting for handmade paper sculpture and featured a day on the beach experimenting with sand casting and other techniques. For more information contact Seastone Papers, Box 331, West Tisbury, MA 02575-0331, phone (508)693-5786.  Or, visit SEASTONE PAPER website.

May, 1999 -- janeandstudents.JPG (35342 bytes)Jane spent the first week in May teaching workshops at various art centers in Danville, Martinsville and South Boston, VA,  The workshops in Handmade Paper Sculpture are through   the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Statewide Workshop Program. Jane was one of ten artists selected for the program in 1998-2000 and will teach more workshops at other art centers in the state during October 1999 and May 2000.   One of the workshops sponsored by the Parsons Bruce Art Association in South Boston, VA was held at Halifax County High School.  This photo shows Jane beating the paper pulp in her portable "Rubbermaid" mixer.  To see other photos of students in the workshop click here.

May 3, 1999 -- Jane taught a sculptural papermaking workshop at the Danville Museum in Danville, VA, as part of the VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS
Artists Workshop Program.

May 4 - 6, 1999 -- Jane taught a sculptural papermaking workshop at the Piedmont Arts Association, Martinsville, VA, as part of the VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS   Artists Workshop Program.

May 25, 1999 -- Jane taught a sculptural papermaking workshop at the Parsons Bruce Art Association, South Boston, VA, as part of the VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS Artists Workshop Program. For photos of this workshop click here

Oct. 18-19, 1998 -- Jane taught a workshop for the Blacksburg Regional Art Association in Blacksburg, VA, as part of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Artists Workshop Program.  The workshop will be at Blacksburg High School and will be about sculptural papermaking.  For more information, contact the VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS  or the Blacksburg Regional Art Association.

Oct. 20, 1998 -- Jane taught a one-day workshop in sculpture with handmade paper at the William King Regional Art Center, Abingdon, VA.  This workshop is also offered through the VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS   Artists Workshop Program.

Wsw.jpg (18100 bytes)July 20 - 24, 1998 -- Jane taught a workshop in making large scale wall relief sculpture with handmade paper called "Big Relief Paper" at the Women's Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY. WOMEN'S STUDIO WORKSHOP   Participants in this workshop worked on large scale (up to eight feet!) pieces in handmade paper using the vacuum table and other techniques to manipulate wet and dry pulp for relief sculptures.


seajane.JPG (47214 bytes)July 27-30, 1998 -- Jane taught a workshop called "Paper in Public: Handmade Paper for Sculpture/Installation Art" at Seastone Papers, Martha's Vineyard, MA. SEASTONE PAPER   During this intensive week-long workshop participants designed and created a collaborative temporary public art installation of handmade paper structures on a public beach at Martha's Vineyard.  This workshop was such a success that plans are underway to do this type of thing again!  For more photos of the Seastone workshop, click here.




harpdemo1.JPG (83733 bytes)September 17 and September 24, 1998 -- Jane taught two one-day workshops in basic papermaking to elderhostel groups at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Harpers Ferry, WV.  These workshops were held in conjunction with Jane's September residency at the park.  Jane was chosen as one of 8 artists for the 1998 artist-in-residency program at this scenic historical national park.  

har2kids.JPG (85213 bytes)September 22, 1998 -- Jane taught a workshop in basic papermaking and paper sculpture for the Harpers Ferry Junior Hight School Art Club during their visit to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.  This workshop was sponsored by the national park and offered as part of Jane's residency at the park during the month of September.



Jane can design a workshop to fit the needs and interests of people of all ages and levels of experience.  Workshops are offered for artists/craftsmen, the general public and children.   She has taught workshops at museums, art centers, public schools, Arts in Education programs, colleges and universities throughout the world.    Jane has also taught private workshops in her Hamilton studio for individual artists wishing to pursue independent study on specific topics with her. 

Papermaking workshops cover the following topics:

  • How paper is made and how to use recycled paper pulp as well as other fibers
  • Materials and equipment for papermaking without great expense
  • History of papermaking and its development as an art form for wall works, sculpture and installation art
  • How to create effects with texture, color and three-dimensional forms
  • Hands on experience with forming sheets and sculptural forms with various pulps
  • Using hand papermaking for sculpture and installation art, including bio-degradable temporary installations designed to disappear as compost
  • Handmade paper as a material for temporary as well as more permanent public art installations

Note: Papermaking workshops can be adapted to fit the needs of those with or without prior experience in papermaking. The workshops can also be adapted for any age group from kindergarten children through the elderly.

Demonstrating papermaking at the Duntog Foundation, Baguio City, Philippines

Washing paper fibers in the river, Duntog Foundation

Sculpture/Installation Art workshops cover the following topics:

  • History and development of installation as an art form
  • How to develop concepts and ideas for installation art with emphasis on multi- part works using paper, fiber and other natural materials for indoor and outdoor sites
  • Development of site specific works and proposals for installation art
  • Creation of a group installation on site with all participants contributing parts to the whole which can be left on display or dismantled with each participant taking home his contribution

Note: Sculpture/Installation Art workshops are especially suited for those with some prior experience as artists in any medium or for art students at any level from elementary through adult; however, those with no prior art experience have greatly enjoyed and been successful in this type of workshop.  


This shows Jane teaching a workshop at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Museum of Art, Utica, NY, during their Summer ARTREACH program, a one-day art experience for underprivileged children ages 9-12.


During this workshop 150 children created colorful, abstract birds, nests and eggs which were all displayed as an installation in a museum gallery.

Art Marketing and the Business of Art workshops cover the following topics:

  • Making art your business including setting up a studio, bookkeeping, taxes, etc.
  • How to find places to sell your art--setting prices, dealing with dealers, galleries and other venues for selling art
  • Developing marketing tools including the artist resume, slides and slide list, cover letter, artist statement, business cards, letterhead and Web sites
  • Getting grants and writing proposals for funding to support your work
  • Exhibition opportunities including juried shows, fairs, competitions and other avenues such as studio shows and curating your own exhibitions
  • Residencies for artists
  • Using artist's registries including slide registries as a promotional tool
  • Working in the public realm - getting commissions and developing proposals for public art and other venues

Note: Any of these topics can be expanded on in a separate workshop, or a general workshop can be offered which gives an overview of all these topics. The marketing workshops are usually best for artists/craftsmen who are interested in furthering their careers as professional artists.   Jane has written several articles on these and other topics of interest to artists for ART CALENDAR and for SCULPTURE magazines.   She has also written a monograph titled RESIDENCIES FOR ARTISTS published in Summer 1998 by ART CALENDAR.  

For further information about any of these workshops, contact:

Jane Ingram Allen
11 Oxford Rd.
Troy, NY 12180
or via Email

Click here for information about upcoming activities by Jane Ingram Allen.

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