1998 Artists at Connemara

1998 Artists at Connemara Conservancy

Pat Musick's Connemara Conservancy Project is called "Meditation."


Artist's Statement "Mediatation"

The valley I live in is the context for the work. It is a place for dialogue with ancient stones and trees. These materials are interwoven with the man-made medium - steel - to form a union of wholeness. My metaphor for the way it should be.

About the Artist

Pat Musick is from Huntsville, Arkansas. Her art unites the natural environment with that created by humans. Oak, cedar and sandtone combined with steel and galss result in harmony that is descended from the reverence that ancient cultures felt for the land she lives on. Her work is shaped by the remote valley and resounds with current and prehistortic history. The rocks she uses in some of her installations are 350 million years old, but the forms she makes are of today.

Ms. Musick holds a Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degree from Cornell University. She has exhibited her work in the U.S., Mexico and Europe, and she was honored with a gold medal from Italy for her work. Her work will be seen in 1998-99 in a tour of seven Texas museums

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