1998 Artists at Connemara

1998 Artists at Connemara Conservancy

Ron Murphree's Connemara Conservancy Project is called "Plexi House."

Plexi House
Plexi House

Artist's Statement "Plexi House"

This piece combines both the man-made materials with that of its natural surroundings. Plexiglass is a reflective material as well as one that you can view through, therefore there is a constant interaction with the environment in which the house is placed and the drawing on the house itself.

About the Artist

Ron Murphree lives in Alpharetta, Georgia. One of mr. Murphree's recent works includes recreating a drawing into smoke and skywriting it over New York City. The "installation" covered 25 square miles and lasted about 30 minutes. For years, Mr. Murphree has constructed houses, some as small-scall sculputres, some habitable. Houses, or homes, are part of his artistic repertoire. For his Connemara installation, he will install a Plexiglas house on site, thus inviting the viewer to explore the physical and psychological boundaries of home and nature.

Mr. Murphree speaks of his work: "It's

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been many years since I first began using Plexiglas. I initially used it as overlays and as with most who use it, one finds that it scratches easily. My thinking evolved to the point of using this problem to an advantage-mainly scratching or drawing on it."

"The motif has taken place in my work over the years as well. It was natural to combine the two, which resulted in the piece, "Plexi House." I feel that it's a sculpture that blends the man-made with its natural surroundings; the Plexiglas both reflects its environment as well as being able to view through it."

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