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"Made In Taiwan" Project Exhibitions

The "Made in Taiwan" Project was Jane's Fulbright Scholar award residency project in Taiwan from January 2004-July 2005. For more information on the "Made in Taiwan" Project click here.

The project resulted in many exhibitions, and the "Made in Taiwan" artwork continues to be exhibited in Taiwan and other countries. Some of the works are in the permanent collections of the host institutions in Taiwan. Jane also wrote a book "Made in Taiwan--an American Papermaking Artist's Journey Around Taiwan" that tells about the project and her research to make paper for her artworks from 135 different plants of Taiwan. To order a copy of the book, contact Jane at info@janeingramallen.com

Jane Ingram Allen "Made in Taiwan" Exhibition, Council for Cultural Affairs Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
June 23 - July 1, 2005

The "Made in Taiwan" Project was a one and a half year Fulbright research grant project to explore hand papermaking in Taiwan.  During this time Jane created handmade paper artworks based on map images of Taiwan using materials from Taiwan.  She used 136 different plants of Taiwan to make paper for her works and visited 13 different places in Taiwan as an artist in residence.  Here are some photos of the opening reception and press conference held on June 23, 2005, for this exhibition funded by the Council for Cultural Affairs. 




CCA Gallery ExhbitCCA Gallery ExhibitCCA Exhibit

Tim, Jane, Dr. Chen, Dr. Wu, AtomJane Presenting Green Cities to Dr. ChenJane presenting Dr Wu with a site map


Jane Ingram Allen, "Made in Taiwan," Taiwan National Crafts Center, Taipei, Taiwan
July 5 - September 5, 2005

CC - ExhbitVisitors Seeing the exhbit as it was being installedThis exhibition was an extension of the Council for Cultural Affairs "Made in Taiwan" Project exhibition that was held June 23 - June 30, 2005 in Taipei. Because the two galleries were so different Jane had an opportunity to use some different pieces in each exhibition.  It also made it possible to display additional site maps that Jane created at various locations.

Jane also taught papermaking art classes at the Crafts Center beginning July 18..

Jane speaking at news conferenceChildren making paperThe opening for Jane's  "Made in Taiwan" exhibition was at the same time as the Bamboo exhibit at the Taiwan Crafts Center. There was a news conference that was well attended. Dr. King, Director of the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, was a special guest. He had wanted to come to the CCA opening but was out of town. Jane gave a Power Point presentation about her time in the 13 different places that she visited during her "Made in Taiwan" project. She also gave a demonstration of paper making with bamboo leaves. Some adults and children then made paper from the bamboo fiber that Jane had prepared earlier.

October 5 - 15, 2005, "Made in Taiwan" Project Exhibition, National Taiwan University Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Mialoi Site MapOpening Reception and Press Conference:  Friday, October 7, 2 PM

Lecture by the Artist "The Prospect of Papermaking Art with Plants of Taiwan":  Friday, Oct. 7, 2:30 PM

Public Participation Papermaking Activities at the Agricultural Hall:  Friday, Oct. 7, 3-5 PM and Saturday, Oct. 8, 2-4 PM. 

This exhibition of Jane's work from the "Made in Taiwan" project at the NTU Agricultural Hall contained selected "site maps" made during the 18 month journey around Taiwan.  The site specific installation contained some Taiwan site maps, some Taipei site maps, and maps from each of the 13 different areas where Jane lived and worked since coming to Taiwan in January 2004.  All of the works are made with handmade paper using local plants and other materials collected in a specific time and place.  

Making PaperThis exhibition at National Taiwan University was in conjunction with Jane's October 2005 residency at the Nature Trail Society of Taiwan.  The mission of the Nature Trail Society is environmental education and providing information, care and guided tours of 14+ Nature Trails in Taipei and other parts of Taiwan.  During her residency at the Nature Trail Society Jane taught about papermaking art with local plants for staff, volunteers and community residents and created"site maps" of the NTU Nature Trail and the community.  Jane also did a collaborative community art installation with many handmade paper leaves representing the many different trees found in the neighborhood and the changing seasons.   Jane continues to research plants that can be used for papermaking and compiled a sample book of the plants used during this residency.  The residency at the Nature Trail Society ended on Oct. 29 with a display of the works made and a reception at 2 PM, Oct. 29, at the Nature Trail Society headquarters, Lane 14, Xin Sheng South Road, Taipei.  For more information, contact Wei-Hwa Pan at 0928-012-136.

Click here for photos and more information about the residency at the Nature Trail Society of Taiwan.

January 5 - February 2, 2006, "Made in Taiwan" Exhibition, Taichung Cultural Affairs Bureau PowerSpace Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

Jane's Taichung Site MapThis exhibition of Jane's work from the "Made in Taiwan" project at the Taichung Cultural Affairs Bureau contained 18 works Jane made during her journeys around Taiwan.   Works in the exhibition represented the 14 different places where Jane worked during the project.  It was a site-specific installation in the gallery space.  During this exhibition Jane conducted public participation papermaking art activities and created a Taichung Site Map for the city.  The project was sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and corporate sponsors.   The presentation of the Taichung Site Map was on Saturday, January 21 at 2:30 PM.  The Taichung Site Map was displayed in the gallery until the end of the exhibition on February 2 and then installed at Taichung City Hall. 

February 7 - 12, 2006,  Book Promotion and "Made in Taiwan" Exhibition at the Taipei International Book Fair, February 7 - 12, 2006

Jane's booth at the Taipei International Book Fair Jane's booth at the International Book FairJane was invited by the Taipei Book Fair Foundation to have an exhibition of her artwork and present her new book "Made in Taiwan - an American Papermaking Artist's Journey Around Taiwan" at the Taipei International Book Fair held at the World Trade Center in Taipei.  The World Trade Center is on Sinyi Road in Taipei near the Taipei 101 building.  Jane had an exhibition of some of the work she had made in Taiwan and sold her book "Made in Taiwan" at the Fair. Jane's booth was located in Building 1, and it was two adjoining spaces.  Jane was at the booth each day to promote the book.  She also did some demonstrations of papermaking with plants from Taiwan in the Book Fair Activity Center on Thursday, Feb. 9, 3-4 PM and on Friday, Feb. 10, 4-5 PM.  

February 17 - March 28, 2006, "Made in Taiwan" Exhibition, Botanical Garden Gallery, National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung, Taiwan

Jane taling to reports at the opening of "Made in Taiwan " at the National Museum of Natural History - Botanical GardenThis exhibition was a site-specific Installation at the gallery in the Botanical Garden's tropical greenhouse building. The exhibition contained selected works from Jane's 18-month Fulbright grant project sponsored by the Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs.   The exhibition featured nature and plant-related "site maps" created with handmade paper from plants of Taiwan and representing the 14 different areas of Taiwan where Jane lived and worked during the "Made in Taiwan" project residency from January 2004 - July 2005. 



"Made in Taiwan" PROJECT EXHIBITIONS in the USA

Taipei Site map"Made in Taiwan" Exhibitions in the USA.
Jane is currently scheduling exhibitions of her work"Made in Taiwan" for presentations at galleries and museums in the USA. The exhibition will be available to travel to other institutions throughout 2007 -08. Contact Jane by e mail at info@janeingramallen.com to schedule the exhibition or to get more information. Jane also organized an exhibition of contemporary paper works by Taiwanese and Chinese artists. Click here for more information.



"Made in Taiwan - Jane Ingram Allen," Essex Art Center, 56 Island Street, Lawrence, MA - Sept. 10 - Oct. 22, 2004

Making a Taipei Site mapGuando Taipei Site mapThis exhibition of Jane's artworks "Made in Taiwan - Taipei Site Maps" was at the Essex Art Center, Lawrence, MA, near Boston. The exhibition featured Jane's "Taipei Site Maps" made during her Jan. - July 2004 Fulbright residency in Taiwan. The works were suspended from the ceiling, and they are created from handmade paper and other materials collected in Taiwan. Jane created these works by drying her handmade paper on many Taipei street manhole covers to get an impression in the paper of the many different decorative patterns on the manhole covers of Taipei City. The map images are of many different areas in and around Taipei where Jane has been living. The work was installed by Essex Art Center, Special Project Curator, Cathy McLaurin, according to Jane's instructions.

"Made in Taiwan - Jane Ingram Allen," Laurel School, Shaker Heights, Ohio - October 5-14, 2006

This exhibition was a site specific installation of some of Jane's "site maps" from the Made in Taiwan project installed in the cafeteria, library and hallways of the school. Jane was an artist in residence at Laurel School as the 2006 Visiting Scholar and worked with students at the Outdoor Campus to make paper from local plants and create new artworks using local materials.

"Made in Taiwan - Jane Ingram Allen," Friends of Dard Hunter Annual Conference Exhibition, Chillicothe, Ohio - October 25-30. 2007

Jane created a site specific installation with some of her "Made in Taiwan" works for this groups exhibition of six artists doing large scale works with handmade paper. The exhibition was held in a Chillicothe warehouse and was part of the conference of the Friends of Dard Hunter, an American papermaking art organization. Jane was also a speaker at the conference and made a presentation about her work in Taiwan with papermaking plants.

"Made in Taiwan Works by Jane Ingram Allen," Kyoto, Japan, International House - Nov. 2005

Jane presented an exhibition of her "Made in Taiwan" works at the International House in Kyoto in conjunction with a group exhibition of invited artists who were the speakers for the 2005 conference of the Japan Paper Academy. Jane also made a presentation for the conference about her recent work in Taiwan.

"Made in Taiwan" Exhibition , Mino City, Japan- May 13 - 20, 2006

artists in Mino in 1999Jane traveled to Mino City, Gifu prefecture, Japan, to attend the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Mino Paper Art Village Project and present an exhibition of her recent works, selections from the "Made in Taiwan" project.  Jane created a site specific installation of her "site maps" made with paper from plants of Taiwan and representing her experience of working as an artist in residence at 14 different places in Taiwan since January 2004.  Jane's installation was in a historical building along the main street in Mino City which is famous for its Udatsu style architecture.  Jane's exhibition in Mino City, Japan, was part of the activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Mino Paper Art Village Project, an international artist in residency program.  Many artists from around the world who have participated in the Project returned to Mino for the reunion and celebration.  Jane was an artist in residence for 3 months in 1999 at the Mino Paper Art Village Project.  During the time Jane was in Japan, 5 other international artists from France, Italy, Croatia, Paraguay and Japan also worked as artists in residence there.   Each year since the project began in 1996, Mino City has hosted 6 international artists, and Jane received the residency grant for the Mino Paper Art Village Project in 1999.  During her time in Mino, Jane made works with Mino paper and learned about Japanese papermaking traditions and the culture of Japan.  For more information about Jane's 1999 residency in Mino City, click here.

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