Pingtung Lanyu Ilan County Jane Ingram Allen

"Made In Taiwan" Project

January 2004 - July 2005

Jane's  "Made in Taiwan" Project started in January 2004 when she came to Taiwan with a Fulbright Scholar Award to be an artist in residence and do research on art with handmade paper.  During the first six months she worked as an artist in residence at the Suho Memorial Paper Culture Foundation and Museum and discovered many plants around the Taipei area to use for her work.  She did an installation art exhibition featuring her Taiwan Site Maps at the Suho Paper Museum.  Dr. Chen, Minister of the Council for Cultural Affairs visited her exhibit and invited Jane to stay in Taiwan and continue her work for an additional year doing workshops and exhibits throughout Taiwan. For more information on the first six months in Taiwan click here.

During the following year Jane traveled to 13 different locations in Taiwan to be an artist in residence in each place for 2-3 weeks. Click on Jane's map to the left here to visit each community and follow the "Made in Taiwan" project to all of these different places in Taiwan.  Jane also participated in a major outdoor exhibit, "Taiwan, My Home" held in Taipei. For this exhibition Jane created a participatory public art installation called "Made in Taiwan House"   For more information and pictures about the "Made in Taiwan House" click here.

While in each community, Jane taught a two-day public papermaking art workshop and presented an exhibition of artworks from the "Made in Taiwan" project.  She collaborated with local artists, students, teachers, plant experts and other citizens to share ideas and  her creative process.  She made artwork about each community using paper made from plants and other materials collected in that place.  For the paper used in the artworks for the "Made in Taiwan" project Jane used over 130 different plants of Taiwan and compiled research about all of the papermaking plants that she used in Taiwan. Jane wrote a book called "Made in Taiwan - an American Papermaking Artist's Journey Around Taiwan" that was published with support from the Council for Cultural Affairs. Copies of the book are available for sale. Contact Jane at for more information and to order the book.

At he end of her project, Jane had several art exhibitions of the “Made in Taiwan” project. The exhibitions began with the entire project displayed in the Council of Cultural Affairs gallery, Taipei, June 23 - June 30, 2005..

For more information and pictures of all the "Made in Taiwan" Project exhibitions click here.

Taiwan's Council for Cultural Affairs has a Chinese language site for Jane's "Made In Taiwan" Project. Click here to see that site CCA Logo


Jane Ingram Allen is a Fulbright Artist sponsored by the National Endowment for Culture and Arts

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