Jane Ingram Allen
"Made In Taiwan" Project
The First Six Months in Taiwan
January - July 2004

Jane making on our  roof top patio in TaiwanJane received a Fulbright Scholar Award to be an artist in residence in Taiwan to create her own artwork and to conduct research on hand papermking in Taiwan. She began the project  in January 2004, and her grant was extended through July 2005 with sponsorship by the National Endowment for Culture and Arts.

Jane's host institution for the first six months of the grant was the Suho Memorial Paper Culture Foundation and Museum in Taipei. Jane's grant project included making site specific installation art with multiple site map constructions using materials and fibers collected in Taiwan. Jane presented two indoor exhibitions of her work made in Taiwan:  an exhibition of her "Taiwan Site Maps" at the Suho Paper Museum and also an exhibition of her "Taipei Site Maps" at the American Institute in Taiwan Cultural Center, Taipei.  Jane also created an outdoor environmental art installation with public participation  at Treasure Hill in Taipei .  She also curated an exhibition of works by Taiwanese and Chinese contemporary artists using handmade paper to be shown in the United States. Jane has also conducted workshops in Taiwan, made lectures at universities and other institutions, and taught papermaking at schools and museums as well as exchanging ideas with other artists. During the first six months in Taiwan Jane has traveled to Shanghai May 8-12, 2004, to visit a papermaking factory and meet other artists who are using paper. Jane also traveled to Korea to make a presentation about international artist in residencies at the International Association of Papermaking Artists Congress in Jeonju, Korea, May 3-8, 2004. She was also invited to make a presentation and exhibit her work at an international paper art symposium in Kyoto, Japan on June 21, 2004.  For more information on the "Made in Taiwan" project click here.

Here are some links to Chinese language newspaper coverage of Jane's "Made in Taiwan" project covering the time period Jan. - July 2004:




(updated on July 5, 2005 )

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