Jane Ingram Allen
Made In Taiwan
, Taipei County
Nov. 6 – 20, 2004

Host Organization: Guandu Nature Park
Wild Bird Society of Taipei.

Contact person: Wu, Lingi, Director
Address: 55, Guandu Road, Taipei, 112 Taiwan
:886-2-28587417 ext. 233
Website: http://www.wbst.org.tw
E mail: lingiwu@wbst.org.tw

Jane's two weeks at Guandu Nature Park for her "Made in Taiwan" project began with the 2-day international Bird Watching Festival held at the Park.  Jane taught visitors to the Fair how to make paper birds that could each be unique and colorful.  Over 10,000 people visited the Fair during the two days, and many children and adults enjoyed and making birds from paper. The photos below are from that event of November 6 and 7. A closing reception will be held November 19 from 16:30 to 18:30 at Guandu Nature Park. Please come if you are able to attend.



Making paper birdsJane holding paper while little girl drawslittle boy cutting his birdgirl holding up bird

On Monday, Nov. 8, Jane installed some of her artwork from the "Made in Taiwan" project in the main lobby at Guandu Nature Park.  She installed her 7 Taiwan Site Maps and 2Yilan County Site Maps to create an installation in the space.  The exhibition will remain on view during the two weeks that Jane is working at Guandu Nature Park. 

Jane's installationflower sitemapYilan Site-mapFormosa site map

Jane and staff at Guandu Nature Park did the installation of her artwork "Bird Watching at Guandu Nature Park". The bird sculptures are sited on a new bridge to a wetlands area for bird watching.  The 12 bird sculptures in Jane's installation represent the birds that are common in this area.  The birds will remain on view at the Nature Park and will encourage people to become more aware of birds and their importance in the environment. Guandu Bridge with Birdsjane with Guandu BirdsKingfisher on bridgePainted snip

Jane held a two day workshop that had 30 participants. They learned about papermaking and enjoyed the creative process.

One of the older but very active participantsworkshop participants looking onStudent making paperbeating pulp

man making paperpaper casingpaper made in workshop dryingStudents in the workshop

Jane also worked on brushing paper on to trees and signs. These will be added to her Guandu Sitemaps she is making.

Jane brushing paper onto a tree at the Nature CenterJane brushing paper on the signJane taking paper off the treeJane working in roof top studio at Guandu

It has grown cold and windy here at Guandu Nature Park. Jane has moved inside to work on her sitemaps. She has been given the President's office for her studio. It is located just inside the outdoor patio area she was working yesterday. Jane is completing her two Guandu sitemaps. She has decided to use the mud that is found in flats at Guandu to color one of the maps. She also had an open studio and visitors were fascinated with her gluing, painting and rubbing the mud onto her maps.

Jane working on her sitemaps in the upstairs studioJane working on her sitemap in the upstairs studioJane using the mud from Guandu to color the sitemapOpen studio

Jane produced two sitemaps at Guandu Nature Park.  One called Guandu Plants Site Map features the four plants Jane used for papermaking at the Park and a view of the Park at the juncture of the Keelong and Danshui Rivers.  The other piece called Guandu Nature Park Site Map shows a closer view of the Park's location on one side and on the other side a view of the marshland and some of the many birds found at Gunadu Nature Park.is a view of the ParklBirds Site Map.  Jane's two new works and some of the works made by participants in the two-day papermaking workshop were exhibited at Guandu Nature Park on Friday and Saturday, Nov.19-20, 2004, with a public reception on Friday afternoon.  Many visitors enjoyed seeing the art in the lobby at the Nature Park and taking photos with the "site maps."

children with Floral AbundanceGuandu birds sitemapGuandu birds sitemapGuandu plants sitemap back


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