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Sam Edsill, Editor of the online art magazine MENTAL CONTAGION, interviewed Jane about her environmental art projects for the Spring 2007 issue of the magazine. The interview with Jane was featured in the "Cause and Effect - Art and Environment" section for April 2007.

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Earth Day Art Installation at Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan, April 23, 2006 - until the flowers bloom in mid summer.

aerial view after diggingJane worked with students and faculty at Tunghai University to create an installation to celebrate Earth Day 2006 and raise public awareness about environmental issues in Taiwan and around the world.  Jane led students in creating a large-scale public participation artwork titled "Living Earth and Blue River. " This artwork continues Jane's series of art installations that are designed to change over time and use the processes of nature as a partner in creating living, changing artworks.  For these installations Jane uses biodegradable paper pulp containing seeds for wildflowers poured onto prepared soil in public participation ceremonies to create large-scale images.  Jane helped the students at Tunghai University to design and prepare the earth and make the paper pulp from recycled paper and local plants.  The paper pulp was dyed with non toxic dye and wildflower seeds were added to the pulp.   Over time the paper pulp dissolved into the earth, the seeds sprouted and grew to produce a living, blooming image of the earth with a blue river of flowers flowing from the earth, to remind us of the importance of keeping water sources pure. 


Pouring riverTung Hai Univ. President , Dean of Students and Jane pouring TaiwanMany people gathered on Sunday afternoon April 23 to ceremonially pour the paper pulp on the prepared soil.  The President of Tunghai University and the Dean of Students joined in this ceremony, and Jane and the two important guests poured the pulp to create Taiwan on the map of the earth. 

The site of the art installation on the Tunghai University campus is near the Library in an open courtyard surrounded by tall buildings that give a great view of the installation from the upper floor windows.  The image of the Earth created is about 6 meters in diameter and shows Taiwan in the center and parts of Asia in mixed colors of red, orange, yellow and pink paper pulp with wildflower seeds that will bloom in these colors.  The "river" of blue pulp containing seeds for blue wildflowers stretches for about 20 - 30 meters on each side of the "earth."

"Cocoon," Monarch Contemporary Art Center and Sculpture Park, Tenino, WA, - installed in June 2003 and continuing to change over time.

Jane worked as an artist in residence to create a site specific outdoor sculpture installation at this sculpture park near Olympia in Washington State during the month of June 2003. This environmental installation "Cocoon" is based on the life cycle of Monarch butterflies and features a structure of vines and fallen branches covered with handmade paper containing seeds for wildflowers. The seeds will sprout and grow as the paper dissolves into compost producing a continually changing work that reappears each season as nourishment for birds and butterflies and shelter for wildlife. The installation was done in collaboration with community participants in workshops at the site to collect materials, make handmade paper from native plants, prepare the ground and create the artwork. For more information visit the Monarch Sculpture Park website.


"Spirit of Place - Site Ecology," 2001 outdoor sculpture and performance invitational, Huntington, VT. June 30-July 29, Wednesday - Sunday, 12-5PM, call for directions 802-434-3285.

For this outdoor sculpture exhibition, artists were invited by curator and show organizer Knox Cummin to create a site specific installation that would contribute positively to the ecology of the site. For this exhibition Jane created a site specific installation titled "Disappearing Boundary". The installation consisted of a fence made of fallen branches and handmade paper with wildflower seeds in it. The paper is designed to dissolve over time, and the seeds will sprout in the plowed line of earth beneath the fence structure. The line of wildflowers that emerges will also gradually disappear as they merge with the existing vegetation. The wildflowers from Jane's installation will nourish birds, butterflies and bees, and the decomposing branches and handmade paper will act as mulch. These photos show Jane's installation before and after a July rainstorm that began the decomposition and changes over time.

Jane also offered a collaborative workshop with on-site papermaking in Vermont. During the workshop participants of all ages created a sheltering screen of fallen branches covered with handmade paper. The participants made paper from plant materials gathered at the site and using pond water, cooked the fibers in a pot over a campfire, beat the fibers by hand and formed sheets to place on the branches. "Shelter Wall" filters the light and provides a sheltering environment for resting in the nearby hammock. These photos show an inside and outside view of the handmade paper shelter created during. Jane's workshop June 23-24, 2001.


Silo Shelter, 1996, 16' x 5' x 5', 240 sheets of handmade paper, paint, string and bamboo, installed in the garden at the Duntog Foundation, Baguio City, Philippines.

"Silo Shelter" is one of two temporary shelter sculptures made during a January 1996 residency at the Duntog Foundation in the Philippines. The works were designed to change over time, remaining visually interesting as they decompose and finally disappear as compost. They are part of a continuing series of temporary shelters designed to change over time with exposure to the elements and/or with viewer interaction.

Interior view of "Silo Shelter"; 1996; 16' x 5' x 5', 120 sheets of handmade paper, each approx. 9" x 12", structure is 16' tall and 5' in diameter installed; handmade paper, string, paint, bamboo.

This photograph shows the inside of the shelter which viewers could enter. The pine tree images painted here echo the forms of the trees in the garden where this piece was installed at the Duntog Foundation, Baguio City, Philippines. This and one other temporary shelter "Spiral Shelter" were made and installed during my one month as an artist in residence at the Duntog Foundation, a center for study and research in the art of handmade paper.

For the Earth, 1995, 18' diameter, handmade paper quilt, seeds and living plants, installed on the grounds of the State University of New York at Morrisville, New York.

This installation was a collaborative project with art and landscaping students at SUNY Morrisville in celebration of Earth Day's 25thanniversary in April 1995. "For the Earth" consisted of a bio-degradable handmade paper quilt made with recycled papers and painted with food coloring in the outline of the earth showing continents and oceans. Flower seeds in appropriate colors were planted following the outlines shown in the paper quilt. As the paper quilt decomposed, the seeds sprouted, flowers grew and bloomed in the colors and shapes of the earth. The installation grew and changed throughout the summer and fall until it disappeared with the coming of winter

For the Birds, 1994-95, 100 burlap bags filled with bird seeds, each approximately 6" x 8" x 6", variable sizes, installed in Hamilton, New York on the Winter Solstice .

The work was designed with materials which are bio-degradable and consumable and meant to change over time finally disappearing as compost. The initial installation of the work with the aid of friends and family was a celebration of the beginning of winter. The sculpture/installation provided food for the birds all winter and many hours of enjoyable bird watching for human viewers.

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