Selected Collaborative Works with Musicians and Choreographers



Colgate Dance Theatre Spring Concert, Bremmer Threatre, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, Friday May 4, 8 PM and Saturday, May 5, 2:30 PM.

Jane has created the set design for a dance performance titled "Over, Under, Around and Through" choreographed by Jane Tavelin Schwartz, dance instructor at Colgate University. The set design features 6 colorful arch-like forms made of handmade paper and string. The arches range in size from over 8 feet high to approximately 5 feet high and are in a progression of primary colors. The four dancers wear costumes to match the colors of the arches and move in, out, around and through the arches. The Dance Theatre performance will be followed by a reception to meet the performers.

Outer Space Odyssey 2001, Rome Art & Community Center, Rome, NY, March 3, 2001

,Jane collaborated with her son Chris to create a new multi-media installation/performance piece which premiered on March 3 in the Carriage House at the Rome Art and Community Center. The new piece has a "space odyssey" theme and features multiple planets, space ships and space debris hanging from the ceiling. For the performance the band and Jane wore alien costumes Jane designed. Chris composed some outer space theme music which was performed in the installation by his 4-piece Boston-based jazz band Central Artery Project. For more information about the band, click here.


k-band.JPG (31695 bytes)"For the Birds Too" -  an interactive installation of multiple "flying" bird sculptures at the Rathbone Gallery, The Sage Collegs, Albany, NY, October 8 - November 10, 1998. 

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Central Artery Project performing a the Kirkland Art Center"4 the Birds," Kirkland Art Center, Clinton, NY, May 2, 1998.

This multi-media installation art/jazz performance piece was created for a presentation at Kirkland Art Center on May 2, 1998. This work consisted of a sculpture installation of over 50 flying birds representing different species suspended from the ceiling with springs. The audience was invited to make the birds move during the jazz performance by pulling on the strings and releasing them.   One green parrot also flew across the space if someone pulled him up the monofilament line and released him. The music was composed by my son Chris Allen, a Boston-based trombonist and composer and performed by Chris Allen's Central Artery Project, a five-piece jazz band made up of Chris on trombone, Paul Cherba on trumpet, Ed Barrett on guitar, John Sullivan on stand-up bass and Tatsua Nakatani on drums.

In the Clouds installed at BWAC Pier Show 6 " In the Clouds 2, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists"
Coalition Pier Show, May 24, 1998.

"In the Clouds 2" was a collaborative installation art/jazz performance piece presented at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition's 1998 Pier Show, Brooklyn, NY. My installation of 11 giant cloud forms was installed in the Sculpture Barn at the waterfront pier, 141 Beard Street Warehouse, Brooklyn, from May 2 - June 17, 1998. On Sunday May 24 at 1 PM there was a live jazz performance in the installation by my son Chris Allen's 5-piece jazz band, Central Artery Project. Chris composed some "In the Clouds" music to go with the installation. For more information and to hear some of the music jump to the band's home page.The band also performed on the Pier, May 25 at 1:00 P.M.

Corning installation

In the Clouds, installation and performance, 1995, Cedar Arts Center, Corning, NY

"In the Clouds" was a collaborative work with my son, a jazz composer/musician, and a choreographer, using my sculpture/installation work as the setting for a performance at 171 Cedar Arts Center, Corning, NY, in November 1995. Chris Allen composed the music, and the jazz performance was by his quartet HA&WH. You can find out more about his current band Central Artery Project by clicking here. You can listen to a selection from "In the Clouds" by clicking here. Click on the back button on your browser when you are finished to return to this page.

The choreographer was Lois Welk, and the 8 dancers were from Corning, New York. "In the Clouds" remained as an installation work on exhibit in the gallery after the performance. "In the Clouds", composed of 12 varying size cloud units of handmade paper and string, has also been shown in several other exhibitions. It was installed in Union Station, Utica, NY during 1996-97.

Winter Heat, January 1996, Arts Center/Old Forge, Old Forge, NY.

This was an installation/performance work created in collaboration with my son, jazz composer Chris Allen, and his band HA&WH Quartet. The installation/performance work "Winter Heat" consisted of my visual art installation of multiple ray-like forms of painted handmade paper and string which were suspended from the ceiling radiating out from the two glowing propane heaters. The rays of varying size and shape extended out to the walls of the space. I also designed table decorations and costumes for the performance. The hot jazz music for "Winter Heat" was performed in the installation by composer Chris Allen's quartet HA & WH made up of trombone, saxophone, acoustic bass and drums. The visual art installation of "Winter Heat" remained on display for four months at the Art Center during the winter of 1995-96.

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